Trashed chicks partying and flashing in public and they dont care who sees

September 16th, 2014

These young college girls have been studying at school, long and hard all year long, but school is over for these sexy young sluts and now that it’s Spring Time. Which is definately my favourite time of year. Becasue it’s time for these college chicks to get drunk and to let loose. They Forget what daddy told them not to do because it is party time for these college chicks. No parents but sunbathing, boys and alcohol is what these girls want and it is also what us voyeurs want because it is an age-long formula that makes young and very hot young college babes flash themselves for the world to see. Tanned gorgeous exhibitionists from all over America are getting drunk and going wild at parties and mardi gras. But it isn’t everyone who gets to go to these parties and festivals, so until now we have not been able to find out really how wild girls go when they are drunk. Until now that is. Trashed chicks brings you nothing but the hotest young exhibitionists who are getting drunk and flashing and with bodies like these they are top wanking material for voyeurs like us.


Sweet red-head American teen exhibitionist is flashing her tight body in public

September 13th, 2014

This young slim firm American teen college girl has a fucking great ass.  And she loves to flash her ass and more to truck drivers as they drive past. But this young teen doesn’t just love to flash ass.  She also loves to flash her little firm breasts to the truck drivers as they pass and this 18-year-old girl he has the cutest little pussy you will ever see in public, which of course she loves to flash strangers. The guys from public flash take this American teen into a boat shop, where there are a group of guys buying  accessories. Of course the strangers stop whatever they’re doing and have a good look at this girl because she is naked in the shop with her legs open showing anyone who wants to see her tight shaved pussy.  One stranger in the shop even gets to grab some ass, as he helps this naked college girl into to a boat.  So she can pose naked for  public flash


American dogging comes to LA, wath as this real exhibitionist flashes strangers in public

September 10th, 2014

This little slim brunette exhibitionist was fucking horny and hotter than most every day women you find on the streets of LA, let alone women you find wanting to flash and fuck in public.. She wasn’t as shy as other girls on asses in public when it comes to walking around naked in public. She had no problems in front of the camera and behind the camera flashing her ass, pussy and tits. She knows how to tease and her ass looked fucking great in this red thong and was perfect for her to show off her ass in public and perfect for the complete strangers that she was flashing her ass to. Not only was this little slut a real exhibitionist, she also loves cock. So we took her to a car park and fucked her brains out. She took it fucking hard in the ass, cunt and mouth. It was all in public and we caught it all on film. American dogging comes to LA, wath as this real exhibitionist flashes strangers in public Click here to see the full length movie!

Hot submissive bitch gets tied up and humiliated in public and used by a bunch of strangers

September 7th, 2014

This submissive slut from public disgrace gets pulled by a hair into a motorbike repair shop. In the motorbike repair shop there is of course loads of guys hanging around.  None are expecting a hot little submissive bitch like this one to be dragged in by a hair.  She then has her panties pulled down in front of all these guys and her ass smacked and then her ass hole fingered and then fist fucked in front of all these strangers.  After giving her face a good slap she gets a face fucked Then she is passed around this group of strangers like a whore, and they take it in turns fingering her cunt and sticking their cocks in her mouth. Which of course she sucks at the same time of telling everybody what a whore she is.  This submissive little bitch is dragged around by her hair and pass for one stranger to another and often has a cock in her ass and a cock in her mouth at the same time.  While all the other guys just watch and cheer.  Watch as she is being rammed up the ass really hard and having her face fucked hard and her hair pulled all at the same time, she begs them to stop, which of course they don’t.  There is no point in having a little submissive whore like this and let her get away lightly a whore like this needs abuse.  I love the bit in the movie where a couple come in the shop just to look at bikes a men and a woman and as they leave she begs them to come back and watch her get fucked. Which of course they do. This submissive bitch is beaten every time she doesn’t suck a cock properly, or spills any cum.  If you like your whores to be publicly disgraced, then you’ll love this movie.  Another great movie from the makers of public disgrace.  If you got the chance to get your cock in a submissive bitch like this would you? I would, I would fuck her ass and mouth very hard indeed.  Another great outdoor humiliation going by, by the guys from Kink.


British drunk women and American drunk women blog

September 4th, 2014

You can see from this American dogging blog how dirty women can be without even having a drink. Well you want to see how dirty they can act when they have been drinking. Take a look at this great blog boozed women. Its a blog all about drunk women out in public flashing and fucking strangers. Like in this movie taken from a real hen party. Where loads of drunk women are. While all the other British drunk women are cheering her on this young drunk slappers only needs a few drinks inside her before she is sucking this guy off. This drunk slut really is enjoying sucking this strippers cock and doesn’t want to stop. Think your wife or girlfriend wouldn’t behave like this? You would be VERY surprised, we have 1000;s of women all drunk and doing anything, while all the other women watch and cheer. See all the boozed up women videos here

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Young and old American women flashing men in public

September 1st, 2014

My public flashing and exhibitionist blog, American Dogging, wants to bring you nothing but the sluttiest American amateur bitches out in public.  Getting drunk, going wild, flashing, sucking cock, and getting fucked. I love seeing the young college girls going wild and getting naked in public, I like to see the young colleague girls sucking cock and getting fucked in public.  But what I really like is the real amateur M.I.L.F wives.  These dirty fucking bitches love to get naked with complete strangers. Dogging is a British craze, where women go out and flash strangers and suck and fuck strangers.  But I am bringing dogging to America. No longer can the Brits have all the fun.  There are enough loose and dirty real amateur sluts wives and young women in America who want to go out and flash complete strangers.  Lots as well who want to go out and suck strangers cocks and get fucked by strangers.  So pass the word around American dogging is the new craze.  If you know any great dogging spots around America.  Let me know and I’ll report it here on my American dogging blog.  If you have a wife or girlfriend, who wants to go around and get fucked outside by complete strangers or flash strangers, let me know and I’ll put the dirty fucking whore on my blog and we can advertise the bitch.  If you want to just watch real American exhibitionists in real amateur public exhibitionist movies then check out this great site boozed women.  They had hundreds of young and old drunk exhibitionists getting loaded and getting their clothes off.  Often much more


Do women flash more when they are drunk?

August 29th, 2014

Do women flash more when they are drunk? Do drunk naked women really run through the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras? These are the questions I hear you ask. I will try and prove that yes women flash more when they are drunk and yes naked women really run through the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras. If you don’t believe me, then watch my videos of all these drunk sluts at the new Orleans Mardi Gras flashing. Well not running up and down unless it’s from the cops as it is still considered public indecency. Some police officers will ticket and even make arrests. Even though it is tradition that many women will expose themselves in order to receive parade “Throws” (cheap trinkets thrown from parade floats, usually plastic necklaces) I can’t say that I’ve ever seen them running through the streets, although nothing would surprise me during those festivities. No running but lots of standing still and flashing complete strangers their breasts and asses and sometimes even their pussy. Yes people do flash and stuff. But its not like people are having sex in the streets and walking around naked.


Amateur exhibitionists live on webcam

August 26th, 2014

We all love to watch real slutty amateur exhibitionists putting on sex shows in public, I mean does it get better than that? Probably not, but it is not always possible to find the public spots where exhibitionists are outside flashing and fucking. But we are lucky because we live in the age of the internet and webcams. We are lucky enough to live in an age where people around America and of course around the world love to show off their exhibitionist side. Plus we have the technology to bring these exhibitionists right into our homes. Them on cam in our homes putting on sex shows. Now this is by far my favourite webcam site. I recorded these ladies on the cams in their homes. What I love about this cam site is the quality of the video that you get to watch the ladies in. Plus they have live chat so you can hear the ladies who are performing live sex shows on cam. This site is a real voyeurs delight. If you are a real voyeur and love watching slutty girls on webcam or even instructing them on webcam, you are going to love this webcam site. Enjoy the site or just enjoy this webcam movie I have made for you.

Perverts and strangers fucking this cute Teen exhibitionist in a Sleazy Porn Theater

August 23rd, 2014

I have been to a lot of sex cinemas and sometimes seen women there. Taking women to sex cinemas in England is a lot more common than in America. Sex cinema’s are all apart of the dogging scene in England. But you don’t often get them in the American sex cinema’s, the swinging scene in the states is different. But even in England you don’t often get teenage sluts who love to strip of in front of a bunch of strangers and fuck them all. Nikki is a nineteen year old amateur teen who Dirty D thinks needs corrupting. Exhibitionist Nikki enters the dark sleazy porn cinema with the old pervert, Dirty D, and he guides her past all of the horny strangers to a large bench seat in the front row. As you can imagine these guys are very shocked. But also very horny and want to get their hands on this slut. This old pervert begins to strip off this teen sluts clothes and guys gather around them, like they always do in these seedy joints. Nikki starts to suck off this dirty old ,Dirty D’s, cock, while he spreads her bald cunt showing the crowd. One stranger starts to lick Nikki’s tight teen cunt. I expect he hasn’t had a teen stranger like this before. Hands dive in to feel her tight teen pussy from all the strangers in the cinema. Dirty D is a filthy fucking pervert and starts to let random guys in the crowd take turns fucking her tight bald pussy. This cock hungry exhibitionist teen wanks and sucks loads of strangers cocks while she is being fucked. Nikki gets the first load of jizz in her mouth and swallows it all. This dirty young bitch keeps going until she swallows every guys hot cum.


busty slut with firm tits flashing her tits and ass at a basketball court

August 20th, 2014

Dogging is a British craze, but we are determined to bring it to America. In this outside exhibitionist movie we take this busty firm slut on the streets of LA flashing. First we took her to a car park and offer her around to complete strangers. She gets in these strangers cars and we let them play with her pussy and ass and breasts. Or she spreads her legs and masturbate in their cars for them. And then we take her along to the basketball court where she flashes to all the guys playing basketball. Of course we don’t leave it there. It isn’t very often when you get a slut as dirty as this was. A slut who was willing to do anything in public. So at the basketball court, we get this exhibitionist, naked, and then get her sucking cocks. Watch as we film her getting fucked in public as loads of strangers  watch and clap and film it with their camera phones. If you like seeing whores in public who are really really wild and will do anything to please. Then you will love this movie. Wanking of complete strangers and sucking of complete strangers in the shops is all here. One guy in the shop gets a free hand job and he shoots his load in her hand. This slut will take anyone’s cock

American college slut gets caught sucking a guys cock in a car park

August 17th, 2014

Another great public exhibitionist movie from the guys from seeing me in public.  This line they use about making a public sex documentary seems to work every time. Today they picked up a young college girl at an ice cream parlor where she was spending the last of her money on some ice cream.  They start getting this young college girl flashing in the car park her tits in the car park by offering her money, which of course being a slutty little exhibitionist she does.  It only costs $20 to get her to flash her ass as well.  Then she gets on her knees and starts sucking the guys cock.  She sucks this strangers cock on the car park stairs until a stranger walked in and catches them.  Of course she’s embarrassed, it’s not every day she’s been caught outside with a strangers cock in her mouth. Because this little slut has been caught on the stairs sucking cock. They have to go and find somewhere else in public. They take this young little pussy into the car park and fuck her over the bonnet of a car until they shoot their cum all over her silly face.  Another great movie from the guys at see me in public, who makes on the highest quality public porn I think I’ve ever seen. If you  like to watch young hot college girls fucked in public then take a look at this great site and enjoy this public fucking movie.


Ex girlfriend getting fucked in public her first porn movie

August 14th, 2014

On todays update the dirty fuckers from Vive La Bus did something that still has ugly very pissed off at them all. Ugly has an ex girlfriend coming into town and she emailed him and asked him to pick her up from the greyhound station. The stupid slut didn’t know that he had been making porn films for the last 9 years. This real amateur girl had a fucking huge pair of tits and a nice big round ass to match, which I would love to fuck inside or outside in public. Lucky for us this slut was really interested in porn movies and the porn business and it didn’t take them long to persuade her to flash them her huge breasts in the back of the van.. Believe me this girl was no model she had never done anything sexual in front of a camera before. This is a real amateur and this was her very first amateur porn film. Fuck knows if the guys payed her after they all fucked her. But I know they dropped her off in the middle of no where in public when they finished fucking her.


This girl wants $50 to flash her tits in public but how much will she want for sucking cock in public?

August 11th, 2014

Well, they are not exactly in public, but outside in a car. The guys from see me in public, who never lose an opportunity to get a girl naked in public, see this very hot and very slutty looking girl sitting on the stairs outside the utility office, when they go to pay their water bill. She tells them that her name is Misty (the same as the Clint Eastward movie “play misty for me”) This hot little slut is waiting for a cab. So I they offer her money and a ride anywhere that she wants if she would be in their documentary about sex. Of course at she acted like she wasn’t interested in doing the documentary or the cash. But like all women, there is a price somewhere for everything. First they get her to flash her tits, she flashed her tits for just $50. How much you reckon she wanted to deep throat this stranger in the car? Take a look at the movie and see. I love the end of this movie. After the guys used this bitch like a whore, they ditched her. Throwing her out of the car, with her in nothing but her bra and panties.


Trashed chicks drunk and partying, flashing their tits, pussy and ass to complete strangers in public at the mardi gras

August 8th, 2014

Do you like to see young drunk college girls licking their own tits in public? Well if you do I have four great amateur movies here from Mardi Gras. All drunk girls, all flashing and one of them is a really cute blonde young college girl and she is flashing her tits and licking her nipples in public in front of hundreds of strangers.  As you can imagine all the strangers on the street really appreciate this young girl and her public flashing. In one of these movies another drunk girl flashes her little pink panties, and you can see that she definitely got a shaved pussy.  The guys in the trashed chicks movies are just as outrageous and drunk as the girls.  Take a look when a couple of strangers walk past the girls flashing her tits, they both have a lick of her nipples. watch as little bit pink panties are being  pulled to the side in a night club so we can get a better look of this girls ass. We all know that Mardi Gras girls flash their tits for beads and, but when they get drunk enough they will so flash their pussy and ass. This topless drunk woman at the Mardi Gras pulls down their Jeans and flashes us as her panties  before pulling up them to the side and flashing us her cunt.  But the best movie of these trashed chicks movies is when we see the black girl dancing.  This bitch is so drunk, and dancing so wild, that she doesn’t even notice that her tits are bouncing out of the top of her bra.  Obviously, you will notice and all the strangers were dancing round her noticed because she has a great pair of tits


California blond exposing her pussy and ass to strangers in public areas

August 5th, 2014

The guys at public Flash take public nudity very seriously.  You will be amazed at just how much public pussy they have. All the movies on public Flash are totally exclusive to public Flash and 100% real amateurs nude in public.  We don’t just have girls flashing their tits  and ass in public, we have girls walking around completely naked in the park and in the street. You want to see girls naked and doing cartwheels in front of construction workers? Well this site has it all.  All the girls in public Flash are young and hot.  You will see some great bodies that are being flashed to complete strangers. Like in this movie shot in California, we have a sexy Californian blonde.  That is very slim, exposing her cunt in public, often to complete strangers.  This is a real amateur site and is unscripted, these young wild girls are just sent out to go wild and have it all caught on camera.  All of the movies on public Flash are as unpredictable as they are sexy. You wont believe where and what these girls would do in public to get attention. I even watched a movie of a young college girl drive up to the McDonald’s drive through completely naked and walk into the restaurant with no panties on! Public Flash is a unique site it isn’t just sexy it’s also great fun to all these young girls having a real good time and laughing as they flash unsuspecting men.

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