American women of all ages, sizes and colours flashing outside in these public exhibitionist pictures

July 27th, 2014

It does not matter what colour you are, what size you are or how old you are, men will always want to see you out in public if you are getting naked. Take a look at these real amateur public exhibitionist pictures and movies.  We have real amateur American women who are all different sizes and shapes all different colours and all different ages. The one thing they have in common is they are all real exhibitionists.  These slutty American flashers, are outside and the love it. They flash tits,  they flash their cunts, they flash their asses.  What’s more is that it is all captured on film. When women get drunk, they have no shame and do things that they would never do normally when sober.  In these real amateur public exhibitionist pictures and movies, not only these women get naked and flash their tits and asses and their pussy.  They also masturbate in front of complete strangers in public. By the end of the evening they can be seen sucking of complete strangers cocks and getting fucked outside in public


The streets are packed and you might wait around an hour before you get to see a woman flashing her tits or more

July 24th, 2014

For those who aren’t familiar with the variety of traditions surrounding Mardi Gras.  In recent years, there has been the widespread belief that anything goes at Mardi Gras, but it isn’t always that easy. The streets are packed and you might wait around an hour before you get to see a woman flashing her tits or more. Then when she does you will be lucky if you get a glimpse of this exhibitionist, because she will be surrounded by hundreds of horny guys all waiting to catch a glimpse of an exhibitionists tits or more. But no fear, I intend to bring the best bits of the New Orleans Mardi Gras to you. In the comfort of your chair. Which also makes it easier when you are wanking. The police don’t like that sort of thing in public. Even at the worlds most extreme Mardi Gras. I know the videos you want. Not the videos that involve beer, floats, and plastic crap being thrown off fancy paper mache transportation devices pulled by tractors. You want to see wild drunk exhibitionists flashing their tits to strangers. After you have finished watching these videos, you will want a Mardi Gras girl of your own. I suggest cumming all over her face and then throwing glitter so it sticks to her face. This way she looks like the girls in the Mardi Gras day parade in New Orleans. Then get her to flash her tits to your friends.


American exhibitionists flashing on this boat party after having a few drinks

July 21st, 2014

This movie was taking in Florida, at the Bartenders Bash. Where all the bartenders, well the the hottest bartenders, come together and party.  But like always, this party is gone too far, all of these drunken barmaids are flashing themselves to all of the guys on and off the boat. The bartenders bash is a real party that happens every year in Florida and is normally the week of Mother’s Day and starts on the Mother’s Day Sunday.  It starts after the last Spring Break. Bartenders party harder than any other demographic as you can see from this video. This video gives you a small insight into what these wild sluts get up to when they been drinking with a load of guys.  This is another great movie of real American flashers and another great movie from Party Wild Naked where we can watch Real exhibitionists, Partying Wild and Getting Naked. These are the girls next door that you would never expect to act like this! Watch insane drunken Street Festivals from Fantasy Fest, Spring Break, Freak Fest, Mardi Gras and MORE. These sexy American exhibitionists left their inhibitions at home.


This women is a real theater slut and she has the tattoo to prove it

July 18th, 2014

This slut is what dogging is all about. Real filthy fucking whores getting fucked by as many strangers as possible. Celeste is a sexy little blonde amateur that loves cock and also loves her tattoos. Dirty D takes Celeste to the tattoo shop to get theater sluts tattoo’s right above her pussy for all to see, a lot of guys will see this, because Celeste is such a fucking whore. After getting the tattoo they head of to a seedy porn cinema. Dirty D strips this tatoo’d slut naked so everyone can see her tattoo and the perverts in the cinema quickly begin to gather around them The crowd get to play with this exhibitionist sluts tits and cunt as she sucks off Dirty D. Then this filthy bitch starts rides Dirty D’s cock, while she sucks and wanks a line of complete strangers cocks. The strangers in the cinema take turns fucking this bitches bald tattoo’d cunt shooting their hot cum in her mouth and all over her face. This fucking whore Celeste is not happy until she sucks off every last stranger and by the end of the movie her face and mouth is covered in cum from all the seedy perverts.


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July 15th, 2014


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July 12th, 2014

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Asses in public as this slutty exhibitionist masturbates in the middle of the street for a bunch of strangers

July 9th, 2014

We start this American exhibitionist movie with this slut in the middle of the road, stripped off and masturbating while a group of strangers gather around to watch. Watch as she bends over to shoe these strangers her ass and cunt. You can see that all these guys have filmed it on their camera phones as she spreads her lips and fingers in her own pussy. After we finished taking this slutty exhibitionist around the streets flashing her ass, cunt and tits. We take her into a back alley with a guy to get filmed getting fucked. Watch as she sucks cock and takes it up the ass and takes a big cock in front of all these strangers, who are still filming it and watching, while we film it. These American exhibitionists are nearly as wild, if not as wild, as the British Doggers. Most Americans don’t yet know what Dogging is about. But they soon will, with videos like this.I really loved the bit in this movie when that that American bitch has her panties pulled down and she sucking this guy’s cock and you can see balled cunt and ass and head bobbing up and down and she sucks the big cock. Click here to see more Asses In Public!

One of the strangest American exhibitionist movies you will ever see

July 6th, 2014

This is a strange film from the Vive La bus  and includes a hot Indian girl,  a transvestite, strangers, prostitution, and this transvestite who can suck his own penis. The movie is all taken outside and in the bus. Vive La bus is a site that features public exhibitionist movies, where these guys drive around in this bus picking up strangers and fuck them in the back of the bus.  In this movie, the guys a pickup an Indian girl in a bus and interview her for a job  They offer this woman a few bucks, and she has no problem showing off her nice pussy and great tits, she is a real exhibitionist so she thinks what the fuck.  She gets fucked hard in the bus as these guys drive around and they fuck her in the ass, mouth and pussy. I will not give away the ending but it really does have a great ending and is this is another great movie from the guise of Vive La bus.


This see me in public video is the closest you will come to dogging in America

July 3rd, 2014

The craze dogging, which is a British craze hasn’t really taken off in America yet.  That’s why I made this American dogging blog, so we can get its craze running in America.  I mean who doesn’t want to go out and watch girls get fuck and flash in public?  These movies from see me in public are the closest thing to dogging you will find in America These guys go out and find hot young American sluts and get flash in public and suck and fuck public, in front of a group of strangers, who are standing around watching and wanking. Today see me in public have a real treat you.  Check out this little cute skinny brunette called Sophie. Sophie was just hanging around in the bars.  When she was picked up by the guys from see me in public and they take her out of the bar and down to a dogging site. Sophie gives this guy is rocking great blow job, while those guys standing around watching he fucks her in her tight little pussy.  And when he is ready to cum he shoots his load all over this cock sucking whores face. The guy fucking this bitch at one point hands the camera to a complete stranger, so he can fuck her harder, as the crowd grows and cheers on


Trashed chicks drunk in public flashing their tits and ass to strangers

June 30th, 2014

What happens when young drunk college girls gather in mass to party because they have a little break from school and also away from their parents? Well as you can see from these Mardi Gras pictures, they get drunk and do lots of partying! And when there is loads of drink at the parties and loads of guys to show off to you can be sure there going to be tits and ass“ lots of tits and ass. That tits and ass if going to be out because girls love to flash when they are trashed. They don’t care where it is, inside or outside. Trashed Chicks is a real unique amateur site that has videos of real amateur chicks, really trashed. As you can see from these trashed chicks movies, all the movies are real and uncensored! Maybe you will even spot your neighbors daughter flashing her tits and ass to complete strangers in public. If you do, don’t tell her parents. We have drunk college girls in public from spring Breaks, Wet T-Shirt Contests, Mardi Gras, Nudes-a-Popin, Fantasy Fest, plus as an extra treat Trash chicks have flashers and sex at the Australian Formula Racing, these Australians certainly give our American flashers a run for their money. Trashed chicks also has shower shows and lots more movies and photos of real amateur girls getting drunk and behaving very badly indeed.


This young American flasher huge has her great natural breasts exposed to strangers in public areas

June 27th, 2014

Public flash where complete nudity is not allowed.  This public flashing site has nothing but really hot sexy young babes around the town flashing their tits and their pussy and sometimes their ass.  In this public flash movie we have a sexy blond American college girl with a great set of natural tits, she was spotted by the guys of public flash and approached with a very indecent proposal, to expose her gorgeous natural tits in public.  It didn’t take long before this young American blonde teen agreed.  Not often do you see a flasher as sexy as this gorgeous blonde, out on the streets of America, flashing.  She doesn’t just have an awesome set of breasts she also has an awesome smile and looks great smiling with her tits out. Like all the movies on public flash this one is another high resolution, full-screen movie that will get your cock rock hard. This is a must movie for all voyeurs and lovers of wild girls who like to go outside and flash, because not only does the sexy young blonde with great tits flash her boobs, She also flashes her pussy and her ass. These guys who are being flashed on the street, are some seriously lucky dudes.  I would love to have been her when these public flashing movies were being filmed. But luckily for us, you can watch this great exhibitionist movie at public flash.  If not enjoy these public flash movie clips.


British Flashers. See our British cousins flashing in public

June 24th, 2014

I decided to start this American dogging blog after seeing all the horny British women flashing and fucking strangers in public. This is one if the blogs I visit to watch these hot British Flashers.  Like in this movie. Sexy brunette flashes in the local pub (which is a bar type of place were British people spend all their spare time). She is sitting pretending to look all innocent when all of a sudden she will flash her tits. he has an unbuttoned flashers mac on over her lingerie and shows her sexy body off to most of the pub. She’s wearing sexy black lacy lingerie and no bra. You can see more great movies like this here at British flashers. Or just enjoy this movie. If you want to watch the full length movie . Download the full length flashing movie here.

European doggers right next to the railway line

June 21st, 2014

public place pussy can be a crazy trip straight into some kinky public place pussy. Have a look at that cute slut as the girl gets her pussy destroyed at a rail station. What about enjoying your whore that plays with her pussy in the middle of an outdoor cafe. You’ll find the nastiest girls on the globe that are ready to perform whatever in open public. These kind of ladies will probably flash, finger their own damp cunts, lick as well as ride hard rigid dicks as anyone watches. This couple were shopping although quickly they really feel like making love. This slut takes away her string and exhibits her shaven hole towards the digicam. The two of them go on to the parking garage. In between the cars this slut deep throats the tool after which will take it directly into her smooth hole.

Innocent redhead nerd with glasses is disgraced in public when she is stripped naked in a public bookstore, fucked, and covered in cum

June 18th, 2014

Public disgrace is a dogging site with a difference.  All of the American exhibitionist sluts are submissive bitches, who love to be publicly disgraced and humiliated, by being made to strip and fuck outside with strangers. In this great movie from public disgrace, we have this young nerdy looking girl who was taken to a bookstore by her owner made to strip and perform in front strangers.  And then she invites all the strangers in the bookstore to have a their cocks wanked and sucked by this submissive little exhibitionist. These lucky guys didn’t know what was going to happen when they walked into the bookstore today.  This little slut is offering a free hand job with every reading. What she reads a book she gives free hand jobs and blow jobs at the same same time. This sex slave is made to suck off about half a dozen strangers at the same time. Watch as these strangers are sticking their cocks  in this submissive little exhibitionists mouth some or even taking photos and movies with their camera phones. Then some of the strangers in this group of men in decide to fuck this young submissive little flashier.  None of them use a condom and they all cum in her cunt or the men cum over her face and her glasses.  Like I say public disgrace is an exhibitionist site with a difference.  All of the girls in it are submissive little whores and love to be humiliated in public by stripping outside and made to fuck and suck strangers in public.


Drunk women at spring break festivals naked on stage dancing

June 15th, 2014

You know what spring break parties are like. South Beach parties, nude beach parties, drunk girls kissing and flashing boobs just because they can. Our cameras caught wild South Beach parties, Because flashers come in all ages, and our public exhibitionist movies and amateur flashing pictures show varying degrees of sexuality in the demonstration of flashing party girls having a good time, including closeup shots of smooth shaven cunts and pussy piercings. Spring break in Cancun and tons of other spring break party action complete with flashing boobs, drunk nude girls and plenty of hot girls kissing. But trust us when we say kissing is just the beginning. Here you will find a large collection of movies and pictures of the sexiest party girls gone wild that we could find. But flashing is not where it ends. These real slutty amateur exhibitionists fuck and suck strangers in public. We have it all captured in these real amateur exhibitionist movies for you. If you like to watch naked drunk college chicks masturbating outside in front of strangers, you will fucking love these public exhibitionist movies.

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