busty slut with firm tits flashing her tits and ass at a basketball court

August 20th, 2014

Dogging is a British craze, but we are determined to bring it to America. In this outside exhibitionist movie we take this busty firm slut on the streets of LA flashing. First we took her to a car park and offer her around to complete strangers. She gets in these strangers cars and we let them play with her pussy and ass and breasts. Or she spreads her legs and masturbate in their cars for them. And then we take her along to the basketball court where she flashes to all the guys playing basketball. Of course we don’t leave it there. It isn’t very often when you get a slut as dirty as this was. A slut who was willing to do anything in public. So at the basketball court, we get this exhibitionist, naked, and then get her sucking cocks. Watch as we film her getting fucked in public as loads of strangers  watch and clap and film it with their camera phones. If you like seeing whores in public who are really really wild and will do anything to please. Then you will love this movie. Wanking of complete strangers and sucking of complete strangers in the shops is all here. One guy in the shop gets a free hand job and he shoots his load in her hand. This slut will take anyone’s cock

American college slut gets caught sucking a guys cock in a car park

August 17th, 2014

Another great public exhibitionist movie from the guys from seeing me in public.  This line they use about making a public sex documentary seems to work every time. Today they picked up a young college girl at an ice cream parlor where she was spending the last of her money on some ice cream.  They start getting this young college girl flashing in the car park her tits in the car park by offering her money, which of course being a slutty little exhibitionist she does.  It only costs $20 to get her to flash her ass as well.  Then she gets on her knees and starts sucking the guys cock.  She sucks this strangers cock on the car park stairs until a stranger walked in and catches them.  Of course she’s embarrassed, it’s not every day she’s been caught outside with a strangers cock in her mouth. Because this little slut has been caught on the stairs sucking cock. They have to go and find somewhere else in public. They take this young little pussy into the car park and fuck her over the bonnet of a car until they shoot their cum all over her silly face.  Another great movie from the guys at see me in public, who makes on the highest quality public porn I think I’ve ever seen. If you  like to watch young hot college girls fucked in public then take a look at this great site and enjoy this public fucking movie.


Ex girlfriend getting fucked in public her first porn movie

August 14th, 2014

On todays update the dirty fuckers from Vive La Bus did something that still has ugly very pissed off at them all. Ugly has an ex girlfriend coming into town and she emailed him and asked him to pick her up from the greyhound station. The stupid slut didn’t know that he had been making porn films for the last 9 years. This real amateur girl had a fucking huge pair of tits and a nice big round ass to match, which I would love to fuck inside or outside in public. Lucky for us this slut was really interested in porn movies and the porn business and it didn’t take them long to persuade her to flash them her huge breasts in the back of the van.. Believe me this girl was no model she had never done anything sexual in front of a camera before. This is a real amateur and this was her very first amateur porn film. Fuck knows if the guys payed her after they all fucked her. But I know they dropped her off in the middle of no where in public when they finished fucking her.


This girl wants $50 to flash her tits in public but how much will she want for sucking cock in public?

August 11th, 2014

Well, they are not exactly in public, but outside in a car. The guys from see me in public, who never lose an opportunity to get a girl naked in public, see this very hot and very slutty looking girl sitting on the stairs outside the utility office, when they go to pay their water bill. She tells them that her name is Misty (the same as the Clint Eastward movie “play misty for me”) This hot little slut is waiting for a cab. So I they offer her money and a ride anywhere that she wants if she would be in their documentary about sex. Of course at she acted like she wasn’t interested in doing the documentary or the cash. But like all women, there is a price somewhere for everything. First they get her to flash her tits, she flashed her tits for just $50. How much you reckon she wanted to deep throat this stranger in the car? Take a look at the movie and see. I love the end of this movie. After the guys used this bitch like a whore, they ditched her. Throwing her out of the car, with her in nothing but her bra and panties.


Trashed chicks drunk and partying, flashing their tits, pussy and ass to complete strangers in public at the mardi gras

August 8th, 2014

Do you like to see young drunk college girls licking their own tits in public? Well if you do I have four great amateur movies here from Mardi Gras. All drunk girls, all flashing and one of them is a really cute blonde young college girl and she is flashing her tits and licking her nipples in public in front of hundreds of strangers.  As you can imagine all the strangers on the street really appreciate this young girl and her public flashing. In one of these movies another drunk girl flashes her little pink panties, and you can see that she definitely got a shaved pussy.  The guys in the trashed chicks movies are just as outrageous and drunk as the girls.  Take a look when a couple of strangers walk past the girls flashing her tits, they both have a lick of her nipples. watch as little bit pink panties are being  pulled to the side in a night club so we can get a better look of this girls ass. We all know that Mardi Gras girls flash their tits for beads and, but when they get drunk enough they will so flash their pussy and ass. This topless drunk woman at the Mardi Gras pulls down their Jeans and flashes us as her panties  before pulling up them to the side and flashing us her cunt.  But the best movie of these trashed chicks movies is when we see the black girl dancing.  This bitch is so drunk, and dancing so wild, that she doesn’t even notice that her tits are bouncing out of the top of her bra.  Obviously, you will notice and all the strangers were dancing round her noticed because she has a great pair of tits


California blond exposing her pussy and ass to strangers in public areas

August 5th, 2014

The guys at public Flash take public nudity very seriously.  You will be amazed at just how much public pussy they have. All the movies on public Flash are totally exclusive to public Flash and 100% real amateurs nude in public.  We don’t just have girls flashing their tits  and ass in public, we have girls walking around completely naked in the park and in the street. You want to see girls naked and doing cartwheels in front of construction workers? Well this site has it all.  All the girls in public Flash are young and hot.  You will see some great bodies that are being flashed to complete strangers. Like in this movie shot in California, we have a sexy Californian blonde.  That is very slim, exposing her cunt in public, often to complete strangers.  This is a real amateur site and is unscripted, these young wild girls are just sent out to go wild and have it all caught on camera.  All of the movies on public Flash are as unpredictable as they are sexy. You wont believe where and what these girls would do in public to get attention. I even watched a movie of a young college girl drive up to the McDonald’s drive through completely naked and walk into the restaurant with no panties on! Public Flash is a unique site it isn’t just sexy it’s also great fun to all these young girls having a real good time and laughing as they flash unsuspecting men.


Dogging UK: Where dogging first came to my attention

August 2nd, 2014

Dogging UK is all about Public sex, usually outdoors, that sometimes involves the voyeurs joining in. Like in this movie. when they are out boating and filming this slut, she flashes her panties to anyone. This blonde exhibitionist doesn’t care who sees her flashing. This whole movie is great if you like really naughty exhibitionist sluts who don’t care who see their cunts as they are being filmed. A load of Germans come past laughing on the boat opposite and this slut takes off her panties and gives them to them. watch the German students laugh and follow us around as we film this slut. See more from Dogging UK here. Or Watch the full length movie here

Bobbi Starr is Submisive attention whore is locked in a cage in a bar and fucked by drunk and horny bar patrons

July 30th, 2014

I don’t know where public disgrace find these young submissive whores, but I really wish I could find a little submissive whore like this one! Public disgrace take the cute attention seeking whore to a bar and lock her in a cage, where she’s made to suck any drunk stranger’s cock through the cage bars.  Of course any of the other strangers can finger her wet cunt and play with this sub’s tits.  While of course all the guys in the bar watch and cheer. One of the highlights of this public disgrace movie is when she’s being fucked in the ass, and all the strangers are watching and cheering while she’s been humiliated in public. This submissive exhibitionist has a real cruel mistress, who loves to give her electric shock treatment in front of all the strangers who are drinking beer and laughing. By the end of this public humiliation movie loads of strangers have fucked this bitch or had their cocks sucked and they all cum into shot glasses.  Which of course when she is tied up they  force-feed her all the guys cum. Public disgrace is an exhibitionist site with a big difference.  It combines bondage, humiliation, outdoor sex, and it is one of the most extreme sites on the net. Public disgrace on the site brought to you by the guys from Kink.  So you know the quality of the movie will all be just fantastic. Public disgrace is the most blatant public bondage sex site on the net, and the most extreme outdoor sex site I’ve ever seen. Enjoy these public humiliation movies


American women of all ages, sizes and colours flashing outside in these public exhibitionist pictures

July 27th, 2014

It does not matter what colour you are, what size you are or how old you are, men will always want to see you out in public if you are getting naked. Take a look at these real amateur public exhibitionist pictures and movies.  We have real amateur American women who are all different sizes and shapes all different colours and all different ages. The one thing they have in common is they are all real exhibitionists.  These slutty American flashers, are outside and the love it. They flash tits,  they flash their cunts, they flash their asses.  What’s more is that it is all captured on film. When women get drunk, they have no shame and do things that they would never do normally when sober.  In these real amateur public exhibitionist pictures and movies, not only these women get naked and flash their tits and asses and their pussy.  They also masturbate in front of complete strangers in public. By the end of the evening they can be seen sucking of complete strangers cocks and getting fucked outside in public


The streets are packed and you might wait around an hour before you get to see a woman flashing her tits or more

July 24th, 2014

For those who aren’t familiar with the variety of traditions surrounding Mardi Gras.  In recent years, there has been the widespread belief that anything goes at Mardi Gras, but it isn’t always that easy. The streets are packed and you might wait around an hour before you get to see a woman flashing her tits or more. Then when she does you will be lucky if you get a glimpse of this exhibitionist, because she will be surrounded by hundreds of horny guys all waiting to catch a glimpse of an exhibitionists tits or more. But no fear, I intend to bring the best bits of the New Orleans Mardi Gras to you. In the comfort of your chair. Which also makes it easier when you are wanking. The police don’t like that sort of thing in public. Even at the worlds most extreme Mardi Gras. I know the videos you want. Not the videos that involve beer, floats, and plastic crap being thrown off fancy paper mache transportation devices pulled by tractors. You want to see wild drunk exhibitionists flashing their tits to strangers. After you have finished watching these videos, you will want a Mardi Gras girl of your own. I suggest cumming all over her face and then throwing glitter so it sticks to her face. This way she looks like the girls in the Mardi Gras day parade in New Orleans. Then get her to flash her tits to your friends.


American exhibitionists flashing on this boat party after having a few drinks

July 21st, 2014

This movie was taking in Florida, at the Bartenders Bash. Where all the bartenders, well the the hottest bartenders, come together and party.  But like always, this party is gone too far, all of these drunken barmaids are flashing themselves to all of the guys on and off the boat. The bartenders bash is a real party that happens every year in Florida and is normally the week of Mother’s Day and starts on the Mother’s Day Sunday.  It starts after the last Spring Break. Bartenders party harder than any other demographic as you can see from this video. This video gives you a small insight into what these wild sluts get up to when they been drinking with a load of guys.  This is another great movie of real American flashers and another great movie from Party Wild Naked where we can watch Real exhibitionists, Partying Wild and Getting Naked. These are the girls next door that you would never expect to act like this! Watch insane drunken Street Festivals from Fantasy Fest, Spring Break, Freak Fest, Mardi Gras and MORE. These sexy American exhibitionists left their inhibitions at home.


This women is a real theater slut and she has the tattoo to prove it

July 18th, 2014

This slut is what dogging is all about. Real filthy fucking whores getting fucked by as many strangers as possible. Celeste is a sexy little blonde amateur that loves cock and also loves her tattoos. Dirty D takes Celeste to the tattoo shop to get theater sluts tattoo’s right above her pussy for all to see, a lot of guys will see this, because Celeste is such a fucking whore. After getting the tattoo they head of to a seedy porn cinema. Dirty D strips this tatoo’d slut naked so everyone can see her tattoo and the perverts in the cinema quickly begin to gather around them The crowd get to play with this exhibitionist sluts tits and cunt as she sucks off Dirty D. Then this filthy bitch starts rides Dirty D’s cock, while she sucks and wanks a line of complete strangers cocks. The strangers in the cinema take turns fucking this bitches bald tattoo’d cunt shooting their hot cum in her mouth and all over her face. This fucking whore Celeste is not happy until she sucks off every last stranger and by the end of the movie her face and mouth is covered in cum from all the seedy perverts.


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July 15th, 2014


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July 12th, 2014

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Asses in public as this slutty exhibitionist masturbates in the middle of the street for a bunch of strangers

July 9th, 2014

We start this American exhibitionist movie with this slut in the middle of the road, stripped off and masturbating while a group of strangers gather around to watch. Watch as she bends over to shoe these strangers her ass and cunt. You can see that all these guys have filmed it on their camera phones as she spreads her lips and fingers in her own pussy. After we finished taking this slutty exhibitionist around the streets flashing her ass, cunt and tits. We take her into a back alley with a guy to get filmed getting fucked. Watch as she sucks cock and takes it up the ass and takes a big cock in front of all these strangers, who are still filming it and watching, while we film it. These American exhibitionists are nearly as wild, if not as wild, as the British Doggers. Most Americans don’t yet know what Dogging is about. But they soon will, with videos like this.I really loved the bit in this movie when that that American bitch has her panties pulled down and she sucking this guy’s cock and you can see balled cunt and ass and head bobbing up and down and she sucks the big cock. Click here to see more Asses In Public!


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