Four trashed chicks movies featuring loads of drunk trashed chicks at Mardi gras

December 21st, 2014

Do you want to see what how wild girls get when they get drunk at the Mardi Gras? Here are four movies showing how wild girls get, flashing their tits and even sucking each others tits in public. Watch  the guys dare these drunk girls to get their tits out and more, and the girls because they have drunk enough, well probably drunk to much, they do get their tits out to please the guys.  Check out the girls on the balcony.  Out of these four videos two of them feature these girls who all have fantastic bodies and are dancing with nothing but thongs on, while the men below in the crowd cheer. As you can see  the girls on the balcony are probably playboy bunnies, playboy girls dancing naked and  with the real amateur girls on the street flashing, what more could you want.  Some of these girls at the Mardi Gras flashing have fucking great tits, as you can see. From the playboy bunnies to the amateur young sluts in street, you will see some fucking great tits here.


American redneck flashes in public for a few dollars beer money

December 18th, 2014

This American redneck really did have a big mouth.  She was so loud. She was also very daring public flash met this redneck at the local one-stop shop.  All they did was offer this slut a few dollars beer money to get her knickers off and flash in public, which as you can see from these movies, these exclusive movie from public flash, that’s exactly what she did. Public flash take this redneck flasher to the garage and she flashes the guys who are pumping the gas.  These customers come to buy gas and they don’t expect as a treat, to get some young exhibitionists flashing her tits and this slutty redneck really does have a great pair of tits.  I’m pretty sure you will agree that these boobs are well worth flashing in public. The best bit of the public flash amateur movie was when this redneck amateur slut goes into the shop to buy some drinks and she stands at the counter of her tits out and with her skirt and panties down by her feet.  The guy behind the counter as you can imagine absolutely loved it. Well wouldn’t you would like to see a young flasher like this standing half naked at the counter.  This is just a couple of short clips from public flash.  Public flash, have nearly 200 real amateur flashing movies.  And the quality of all of them all are brilliant. Some of the videos are taken nudist resorts or topless beaches.  But most of them are real daring exhibitionists purposely going out of regular public places and flashing, often to complete strangers. With a decent amount of real amateur public exhibitionist content, frequent updates and loads of extras.  Public flash is definatley Worth a look.


Submissive exhibitionist fucked in a diner and made to give blowjobs to strangers

December 15th, 2014

This dominant man has decided he wants to eat, and he goes along to his local diner, with his submissive little exhibitionist.  He brings this submissive exhibitionist into the diner on a collar and lead and treats her like a dog, making drink and eat her dinner from a dog’s bowl on the floor, while all the other diners sit there and watch bemused. After dinner he gives her ass  and face a good slapping, then he strips her off completely naked in the restaurant so he can fuck her really hard with sex toys while the strangers in the diner watch and take pictures on their camera phones.  Of course, she’s also made to suck her master’s cock in front of everybody in the restaurant. These diners get more than they bargained for tonight, they don’t just get to have a hamburger and fries. They also get to get their cocks sucked and they got to fuck some ass if they want to, which many of them do, Because this humiliation sub sucks every single bloke in the diner including the chef. The chef is banging this public humiliation bitch in her tight ass hole while a diner is face fucking her all the other guys are laughing and cheering.  She must suck on for at least 10 strangers cocks. With each of the strangers taken in terms of unloading their cum in her mouth.  Of course, she’s made to swallow every bit of cum these strangers have. Another brilliant movie from the guys at kink and public disgrace.


Facebook and YouTube are great for watching clips of silly drunk women falling over outside, but what we all really want to see is just how far these women go.

December 12th, 2014

You won’t see women like this anywhere else.  Facebook and YouTube are great for watching clips of silly drunk women falling over outside, but what we all really want to see is just how far these women go. You can’t upload videos like this to you Tube or Facebook because they are just too wild.  These are the movies that you want to see. So stop fucking  around and wasting your time on YouTube and take a look of these sexy bitches.  These bitches are real exhibitionists.  When they get drunk, they get their clothes off open their legs to anybody. Even flashing complete strangers  their tits, asses and pussies.  Have you a woman’s strip off in front of you? Have you ever had a woman who was so drunk that she flashed you her ass or her pussy?  Well if you haven’t, you have missed out! Now is your chance to check out these drunk sluts.  Watch as these women, old and young and old fat and thin, black and white who all have one thing in common.  They like to drink a lot of beer and Flash complete strangers heir bodies. I can guarantee you this is one of the wildest sites I have ever seen. In all my years I have never seen a site with so many drunk exhibitionists.  If like me, you like to see real amateur exhibitionists masturbate outside, sucking guys cocks outside or getting fucked outside.  Then you’ve got to check out boozed women.  Check out just how far these drunk bitches go when they are outside in public. Spreading their legs to complete strangers and showing  strangers and much much more.

Men and women sucking drunk exhibitionists tits at the New Orleans Mardi Gras

December 9th, 2014

These hot drunk Babes are going be crazy here. They are just some Easy Drunk Girls at the Mardi Gras and they want to expose their tits to all the strangers. But these drunk flashers get more than just looked at. Men and women suck these girls tits. They’ve forgotten about any possible sense of shame. Don’t waist your time looking for some real glamor on the net. It’s all here. It’s Public Thongs that you’re gonna be watching for hours on end, after you enter this public sex site. How would all those by passers at the Mardis Gras want to joining in sucking these girls tits in public? If only they were allowed. At least they can watch. As well as we can. Watch these hot drunk exhibitionists go wild and enjoy them for the amateur flashers they are. If you like these movies and like to watch real amateur exhibitionist movies of young college girls and milf wives in the street flashing total strangers their tits, flashing their pussy and flashing their asses. Plus lots more, like public kissing and public tit sucking, then you will love this site. But this site doesn’t stop there, we have 100’s of public blowjobs and some public fucking and more.


Miami Wild Wet Tshirt Contest where a Nude Girl Does the Splits

December 6th, 2014

This is a smoking hot wild wet t-shirt contest filled with every type of girl you could want. Wet t-shirt contests during Spring Break are the best. Watch to see just how far these girls will go to win the big money. There are cute college girls horny MILF’s and strippers all on one stage competing for cash. You get hot girls from all across the US gathering up partying and getting drunk but Miami is always home to hot weather and scantly clad sexy girls that love to show their stuff. Watch as these chicks start baring more skin to try and win! In this wet t shirt contest this is the sexiest dance I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The Wet T-shirt Contest gets extra wild where a Nude Girl Does the Splits on the stage in front of all these drunk college guys. This guy takes his job seriously and thoroughly soaks these hotties t-shirts so you can see it all. Being the water boy at a wet t-shirt contest is the best job in the world. That does not matter for too long though once the girls start ripping their clothes off to bare it all, cunts ass and tits, they even masturbate on stage.


American bitch disgraced in public by a gang of men

December 3rd, 2014

public humiliation blog presents a new public humiliation video from the individuals coming from public disgrace. This particular submissive girl has been planning to possibly be team banged. Nonetheless naturally these public disgrace men wish the slut team fucked from a public area by guests. They tie up this specific Asian slave onto the wall and so the lady cant escape and also blind fold the woman, so the girl cannot observe who’s touching or perhaps abusing her. The harder this particular whore begs to get left alone, the more this crowd abuse this specific sub. This specific bitch takes all this in open public. She is verbally mistreated and humiliated, made to suck every strangers dick, she’s fucked, slapped and spat upon. All in open public plus all in front of a gang of guests. Whom almost all unload their cum around the girl’s skin and within her mouth when they have done with her. Watch this movie and all the public disgrace movies here


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November 30th, 2014

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Dogging wife gets fucked at a seedy adult bookstore porn theater by all the horny perverts lurking in the dark

November 27th, 2014

Theater sluts is an American dogging site with a difference. These real amateur sluts in public all fuck strangers in seedy porn theaters. The filthy old cunt, Dirty D, takes real exhibitionist sluts to the theater and serves them up to all the dirty bastards lurking and wanking in the dark porn cinemas. Like in this movie. Sabrina is a real exhibitionist wife and a swinger that loves to be slutted out around town by her husband. Dirty D takes this slut to a seedy adult bookstore porn theater. Once this exhibitionist wife is in the theater she strips naked and and starts sucking Dirty D’s cock. It is not take long for all the perverts in the dark watching porn and wanking, join in the public orgy free for all, grabbing her cunt and tits and licking this slutty amateur wife’s cunt and tits. Dirty D fucks this wife in the ass then has her suck his cock for an ass to mouth shot. To finish off her theater visit this dirty swinger gets on her knees sucking and stroking off all the old perverts in the cinema and ends up with a face full of cum. Like all the exclusive movie from this great American dogging site the results are wild spontaneous gang bangs with strangers that keep cumming back for more! See these sluts get covered with cum from perverts lurking in the dark porn theater.


Fucking on a railway track while trains full of passangers drive past

November 24th, 2014

This blond slut had lots of fun in this episode. So did lots of guys we found. This is really a movie about how many different forms of transport an exhibitionist can flash on. The movie starts with this exhibitionist flashing on cars, through car windows, in trucks, on trucks, at warehouses in fact everywhere. She flashed her tits and ass to everyone and anyone who was willing to watch. Lots of people were willing to watch as you can see. Because this real exhibitionist has a great body and the guys in the industrial sector of L.A. seemed to enjoy the view very much. Well I am not surprised, are you? It isn’t every day a flasher like this comes up to you, a complete stranger and gives you a flash of her tits, ass and pussy is it. The climax of this exhibitionist movie was done right beside a train track. As the trains drive past this slut gets fucked, so if you thought up till now that these movies were fake and not really done in public. Think again, because the train track fucking really gives you that aspect of how real this is. No fucking around here guys, this is real ass in public, real sex in public, real everything in public , so enjoy another great movie. Click here to see the full length movie!

Trashed chicks so drunk and out of control they will flash complete strangers their tits, ass and pussies

November 21st, 2014

These young college coeds and naughty girls are going wild at the New Orleans Mardi Gras, as they head down to Louisiana for some serious partying, lots of alcohol and lots of boys. As the alcohol flows, these young sluts get more drunk and more wild and a lot more daring which always ends up with girls who will flash their titties in public just to get beads. Often a lot more than beads to. Public flashings, public sex, girl on girl drunken lesbian action and much more all captured on these home made voyeur movies, when drunken party girls get completely out of hand and do things they would never do if they were not drinking. Thank god for booze. All of us want to see the the wild drunk girls flashing at the Mardi Gras at least once in our life. I really do suggest everyone goes at least once. But for the years we cant go, there is trashed chicks. Who film it for us and bring it all to your screen. Anyway even if you do end up going there’s so much craziness going on at these parties that you can’t possibly see it all and lots of stuff no one gets to see like like public masturbation and pussy play that you don’t want to miss. So I bring you these trashed chicks movies, if you want to see more they have plenty more.


Ebony American exhibitionist gets fucked on the rooftop outside

November 18th, 2014

What happens in this public sex movie is probably illegal in many states of America. This public exhibitionist movie is probably about as random a street fuck will ever see from the guys from sex in public. They pick up this slutty American ebony at a local convenience store, and she was pretty interested in knowing more about the documentary that these guys are shooting and was quite happy to be in it, telling them about her sex life. This little slut had on  about the shortest skirt I think I’ve ever seen in public, and she’s got a nice round ass and a great set of perky firm tits. Which served as good support when they were fucking her up against a concrete wall on the store roof . In the documentary this bitch says she likes rough sex. And that is the sort of sex that she gets outside.  She gets fucked of hard and rough by a complete stranger and it is all captured in this exhibitionist movie.  It only costs 50 bucks to get this little slutty exhibitionist to get fucked and filmed by a complete stranger.  I love it when she is being fucked and all the cars are driving past. Have you ever driven past a man and woman fucking outside in public. It is not something you see every day in America but in  England is quite common. Thats why I launched this American dogging site, because we need more women getting fucked outside by strangers. So help the cause and pass the word.  American dogging is the new craze.


American teen flasher shows off her firm roundtits to the public

November 15th, 2014

This American teen flasher has no inhibitions at all when it comes to flashing her body outside, which is no surprise because she really does have a great body, nice slim legs, cute round ass and lovely round firm breasts. Public Flash take this slutty American flasher out in public wearing a very short skirt, tight white top, a pink thong and white leggings, watch her as she flashes strangers driving past and strangers in the woods.  A couple of times in this real amateur exhibitionist movie, complete strangers from the street see this teen flashing, at one stage a couple of guys come over to have their picture taken with this slut, one poses next to her as she gets her firm round breasts  out, while one guy takes the pictures. This American teen flasher really does have a cute little pussy.  When she stripped off in the woods you can see what a great body she has, no wonder she loves flashing in public, with a body like this, who wouldn’t? You can see what great pussy she has when she takes down her little pink panties.  Another great little movie from public flash. Public flash really do have the sexiest American exhibitionists I’ve ever seen.  They only take on real amateur teens who love to flash in public.  If you’re into voyeurism or exhibitionism and want to see really beautiful young college girls expose themselves in public places, then public flash is one of the best sites to see it. Public indecency has never been so hot


Amateur sub gets humiliate, beaten and fucked in public in this barber shop

November 12th, 2014

Normally when you go for a haircut at the barbers, all you expect is a nice hair cut and maybe a cup of tea, but you don’t expect is a mistress to bring in a sex slave to perform sex shows for you and to suck your cock.  This public humiliation slave is beaten if she doesn’t put on a good enough sex show.  Watch as she spreads her legs and spreads her cunt and ass hole open for all the men in the barbers to have a good look and take pictures.  This exhibitionist suffers beating while she is sucking cock and she even has her tits slapped   If she doesn’t give good enough blow jobs all these strangers shoot their cum into her hair and over a face.  Watch as she sucks off four strangers strangers cocks all at the same time. By the end of this public disgrace movie this young submissive bitch’s body is beaten red, black and blue. She is gagged she she cant scream when she is fucked in the ass by complete strangers and she has no control or no say in who she fucks and what these men do to her. This bitch is really publicly humiliated.  And really publicly disgraced, being fucked hard by anyone who wants a go on her while at the same time being flogged and being whipped, while the guys  in the barbers just watch and laugh. By the end of this public disgrace movie this submissive  exhibitionist must have about 10 guys shoot the cum in their hair.  Not one guy walks out there out of this barbers unsatisfied by this dirty spunk monkey


Drunk American women outside flashing

November 9th, 2014

Do you want to see just how wild American women get when they have been drinking booze.  Do you want to see women outside getting drunk and out-of-control at public events all around America.  Take a look at these pictures of all the drunk women outside and flashing.  These are all great real amateur public exhibitionist pictures from this great site, boozed women. A site that features some of the craziest footage you will ever see of women from all over the world getting drunk and getting out of control, and always getting their clothes off.  We have all seen the drunk women on youtube and other social networking sites.  Getting drunk and recording it on their camera phones, and with their cameras.  Then uploading it to sites like Facebook, and Youtube for the whole world to see.  But until now, we have not seen the real extreme end of what women do when they get drunk and go out and flash their tits, asses and pussies.  They also love to spread their ass holes and cunts nice and wide for us. Now it is all captured on film and put on this website boozed women.  You can see it all on this site, not just flashing pictures and movies.  You can see public masturbation, public blow jobs, public fucking, women in public drunk getting fucked Women with a can of been one hand and a cock on the other hand, drunk women having lesbian sex with their friends, drunk women licking each other’s cunts when they are pissed and much more. The good stuff you cant see on Youtube and those other soft core sites. Take a look at these women in public drunk, you will not be disappointed.  You really are not going to see women like this anywhere else.  Unzip and get your cock out, start wanking because the sluttiest drunk exhibitionists you will ever see have arrived

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