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October 22nd, 2014

Bitches love money and there is no doubt about it. They will do everything if you flash some cash in front of them.. The guys from see me in public met this girl at a coffee shop. The guys were waiting to be served and all of a sudden they see this slutty looking bitch sitting all by herself. Of course the guys from see me in public don’t waste an opportunity to make some public exhibitionist porn so they turn on their camera and go up and chat to her. This little slut was a very nice, cute, young looking little slapper. At first she was very defensive, asking the guys about the camera, and more importantly, what the fuck do the guys want from her. Once the guys told her about the exhibitionist documentaries they do, this slut like all sluts completely changed her attitude. This once for instance ended up sucking his cock right there in the restroom. That was fucking awesome to see her nice cute ass getting nailed. She sucks well too. and takes a nice big facial.


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October 19th, 2014

After the young drunk college girls have been caught on camera flashing public they probably end up being sick trash cans because they are that drunk.  The young drunk college girls have consumed quite a bit of alcohol and alcohol causes young impressionable girls to do things that they would not do when a sober, which is good for us because we get to see all these young drunk girls and what they get up to when they’re drunk. Drunk chicks is all about young drunk girls at spring break and partying in clubs and bars were all the girls are drunk and wild.  We have wet T-shirt competitions and Mardi Gras flashing for beads.  We have all seen YouTube videos and Facebook videos where young girls get drunk, fall over in the streets and go wild. But these public exhibitionist videos are the sort of videos you would never see on YouTube, Facebook or even on TV.  You won’t believe the dirty things these young exhibitionist sluts do when they are hammered.  I doubt they ever do anything like this when sober, but who cares, this great for us. Here are four small movie clips of girls out in public, getting drunk and flashing but trashed chicks has 100’s of wild party videos and drunken sex tapes.  Loads of amateur college coeds who are taking it all off in public. But we don’t just see flashing up public masturbation. We even see public sex. These Mardi Gras movies give us the real atmosphere of what it’s like at the Mardi Gras, a real party atmosphere, and these are real party videos of real party drunk young women flashing


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October 16th, 2014

Well after the recent credit crunch.  We all know that bankers are complete fucking wankers.  But today they will bee wanking a lot more than normal, because today public flash have taken this young exhibitionist to Wall Street so she can walk up and down naked in front of anyone who sees.  When public flash took this young exhibitionist, naked down Wall Street, it was a public holiday, so there were not that many people around as normal, but there are still plenty of guys who catch a look at this naked exhibitionist.  This young blonde American exhibitionist is completely naked, she isn’t even wearing any shoes as she walks round the city.  Take a look at the guy’s face when she walks up to try buy hot dog at a New York hot dog stand.  I guess in New York, you see it all.  But even this hot dog seller was a bit shocked to see a girl as young and as firm as this, walking up naked to his hot dog stand to buy hotdog.  But just when you think things can get better.  We have another young firm, fit American teenage exhibitionist who pulls up in a car, strips of completely naked,  not even a pair of shoes and walks around the city centre completely naked for anybody to see her great body


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October 13th, 2014

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October 10th, 2014

In the start of this public disgrace movie this sexy skinny submissive slut is given a bowl of water in the middle of the street and drinks it like a dog.  That really sets the tone of what happens next in this movie. Watch as this submissive exhibitionist slut is treated like a dog and pulled around on a collar and lead by her mistress. Watch the humiliation as a mistress pulls her along on all fours as she acts and walks like a dog. Watch her mistress then strip her naked.  And she has panties down one by ankles while her mistress fucks her pussy with various toys.  Just at the same time as strangers walk past and watch and laugh.  She is sitting outside blindfolded with her panties down by her ankles and stranger comes up and stick his cock in her mouth and face fucks her, really hard.  It’s a nice sunny day outside, so she is made to fuck a stranger while she is naked with her panties in her mouth, while loads of tourists and strangers just watch. In the climax of this great outdoor public humiliation movie this bitch is taken into a car and fucked with the doors open so strangers can just come in and watch her and feel her up as this slut she is being fucked in the arse. This submissive bitch loves the public humiliation, and in the end of the movie she is masturbating and bringing herself to organizing while at the same time licking this strangers ass hole.


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October 7th, 2014

Would you like to spend some of your free time watching hot movies of real exhibitionists flashing on the streets? What about woman who flash their big tits on camera? Then you are in the right place. These hot women, both young and old drink a lot of alcohol in Mardi Gras and now nothing would prevent any of them from doing a lot of flashing to the complete strangers who are walking around the Mardi Gras. You know, even the most shy girls on Mardi Gras carnival get boozed up and expose themselves. Thats the best thing about watching these real Mardi Gras movies. It is all amateurs here, just real women, the lady next door, all going wild and flashing their tits. These are the kind of women you will come to expect at the new Orleans Mardi Gras. Real amateur women in real amateur public exhibitionism movies. Depending on how you roll, Mardi Gras is either an elaborate parade or a throwback to Cancun, Spring Break ‘96. These videos and all the videos on boozed women are the latter. I love Carnivals. From New Orleans to Brazil, the parties share many similarities: floats, parades, fancy dress, extravagant dance, sexy ladies, some bead tossing and of course, getting drunk. You can now see the best of the action without having to leave your home.


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October 4th, 2014

What we need in America is more dirty, slutty exhibitionists.  We have lots of slutty  American wives who behind closed doors are fucking and sucking all the cock they can get.  But what we don’t have enough of is real amateur exhibitionists who want to go out and flash strangers. Dogging is a combination of women who want to go out and flash strangers in public and women who want to go and suck strangers and women who want to go out and get fucked by strangers.  All those different niche is under the large umbrella niche of American Dogging.  So spread the word tell everyone about this new craze,  American dogging. It often helps woman to get more adventurous if she has had a few drinks when she is out.  When women get drunk, they go wild and their clothes come off  When these American housewives get drunk, they love to fight and suck guys cocks all outside and all captured in these real amateur exhibitionist movies and public flashing pictures. have you ever seen women like these sluts, getting loaded and acting like a complete slut.  If not now you have chance to see how these women behave. While their husbands are just standing around watching, these women are flashing their cunts, ass and pussy and they even suck off and fuck strangers while their husbands watch.  It’s the old bitches that are the dirtiest of these slags. They want as many guys as possible to watch watch them flash and watch as the dirty old dogs suck and fuck complete strangers.  What do you like more? Do you like exhibitionists who are young firm college girls? Or do you like exhibitionists, who are a bit older and a bit wiser and a bit more experienced?  The dirty hoes really know how to please a guy using all the tricks they have learned over the years at swinging clubs and swinging parties.  Man, these bitches know how to suck a good cock.  If you like watching sluts getting fucked outside by a group of men then you will see it here.  This site has it all.  It’s all in public.  Watch as the crazy slappers walk around with spunk dripping down their faces outside, the spunk of complete strangers.


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October 1st, 2014

Miami is always home to hot weather and scantly clad sexy girls that love to show their stuff. Imagine all your dream girls in front of you exposing themselves to everyone. There are cute college girls, horny MILFs, something for everyone. They all have one thing in common. They are all real exhibitionists. They have no limits and love teasing the shit out of guys, flashing them their tits, flashing their asses and even flashing their cunts in public. If you’ve never been to a fantasy fest heres your chance to check one out. It is always fun to catch girl next door types that you would never expect to be flashing their tits. It is even better when they flash their pussy and ass. Our cameras caught all the wild action of these amateur exhibitionists in Key West.These American exhibitionists knew they were being filmed and they love it. We caught some wild private moments in public for the whole world to see. Girls aren’t just topless and kissing - they’re bottomless, licking snatch, and even pissing themselves.


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September 28th, 2014

When I met Zoe from dogging sites. She seemed to be new and local to us, & The lady seemed to be seeking to fuck a number of people. The dirty bitch contacted myself initialy. My personal account got her going.

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September 25th, 2014

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September 22nd, 2014

Two things can be said about this very hot brunette exhibitionist slut Sophie Dee, she is very wild and a real exhibitionist, she is down for whatever public flashing we had in mind. Take a look at her with all these strangers. The other thing is that this slut  has a fucking nice ass! So it is definitely long overdue to have this girl on asses in public. Because what Asses in public is all about is getting wild bitches out on the streets and seeing who can be the most daring. In this movie, we let her loose on the streets on LA and she lived up to her reputation as being a complete fucking dirty whore. Grabbing pedestrian’s cocks and letting them grab her cunt, ass and tits, jumping on and humping all kinds of people she didn’t even know. Flashing her ass and tits to men and women in the street. Remember these are not actors, these films are real. People who saw Sophie Dee that day got a show and a half. You gotta love these European girls, especially when we bring them to America, they’re just so wild!We treat them like sluts and they live up to that every time. Click here to see more Asses In Public!

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September 19th, 2014

I love American Latina’s, American Latina’s all seem to have great asses and fantastic bodies they really know how to keep in shape.  Take a look at these two American Latina’s as the guys at Vive La Bus get these two Latinos in the back of the bus.  And while they are driving around the streets they get these two American Latina’s to flash their asses and breasts. But the great outdoor in public action doesn’t start until they start to play spin the bottle. Watch as they dare each other to get more and more wild while driving around in the back of a van. It isn’t long before these two American Latina’s are stripped naked in the back of the van. This movie was only ever going to end in one way and that is a group fuck outside in the back of a van in public. Watch as the two exhibitionist Latina’s get fucked in every hole. One  even sucks the driver off. But of course these two dirty whores eat cum out of each other’s assholes before they are driven away to get out more cock at home, another great movie in the back of this van from the Vive La bus.  One of the most exclusive  public exhibitionist sites I have seen.


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September 16th, 2014

These young college girls have been studying at school, long and hard all year long, but school is over for these sexy young sluts and now that it’s Spring Time. Which is definately my favourite time of year. Becasue it’s time for these college chicks to get drunk and to let loose. They Forget what daddy told them not to do because it is party time for these college chicks. No parents but sunbathing, boys and alcohol is what these girls want and it is also what us voyeurs want because it is an age-long formula that makes young and very hot young college babes flash themselves for the world to see. Tanned gorgeous exhibitionists from all over America are getting drunk and going wild at parties and mardi gras. But it isn’t everyone who gets to go to these parties and festivals, so until now we have not been able to find out really how wild girls go when they are drunk. Until now that is. Trashed chicks brings you nothing but the hotest young exhibitionists who are getting drunk and flashing and with bodies like these they are top wanking material for voyeurs like us.


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September 13th, 2014

This young slim firm American teen college girl has a fucking great ass.  And she loves to flash her ass and more to truck drivers as they drive past. But this young teen doesn’t just love to flash ass.  She also loves to flash her little firm breasts to the truck drivers as they pass and this 18-year-old girl he has the cutest little pussy you will ever see in public, which of course she loves to flash strangers. The guys from public flash take this American teen into a boat shop, where there are a group of guys buying  accessories. Of course the strangers stop whatever they’re doing and have a good look at this girl because she is naked in the shop with her legs open showing anyone who wants to see her tight shaved pussy.  One stranger in the shop even gets to grab some ass, as he helps this naked college girl into to a boat.  So she can pose naked for  public flash


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September 10th, 2014

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