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Theater slut wife Slut Wife Karen Pleasing a Crowd of Perverts in a Seedy Porno Theater

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Theater sluts is probably the closest you would come to, to British doggers. British doggers often go to porno theaters as well, so husbands can watch their wives suck of perverts and strangers in these sex cinemas. Tonight this American amateur wife is going to the seedy porno theater to please the horny perverts lurking in the dark. Dirty D is the man who makes these movies in real porn theaters and in this movie he brings Karen down the aisle and they take a seat in the front row. Dirty D plays with this real amateur wife’s tits and pussy as they watch the porno, of course the other guys move in closer to get a better look. If you have ever taken a women to a porn cinema, you will know this is exactly what happens. Because you dont often get women at these cinemas, when one arrives all the guys close in. Karen takes down Dirty Ds shorts and starts sucking his dick. This guy then lets all the strangers in the cinema grab a feel of Karens big boobs and wet cunt. This slutty real amateur wife Karen keeps her hands and mouth busy blowing and stroking the cocks surrounding her when Dirty D tells Karen to get on her knees and start sucking guys dicks. Every guy in the theater has his turn, whatever he is like, young or old, fat or thin, dirty or clean with this dirty bitch. Watch as all the strangers in the crowd take it in turns fucking her hot wet pussy while Karen continues to suck off strangers. Watch the climax of this movie as this slut American house wife wife catches load after load of hot cum.


Dogging wife gets fucked at a seedy adult bookstore porn theater by all the horny perverts lurking in the dark

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

Theater sluts is an American dogging site with a difference. These real amateur sluts in public all fuck strangers in seedy porn theaters. The filthy old cunt, Dirty D, takes real exhibitionist sluts to the theater and serves them up to all the dirty bastards lurking and wanking in the dark porn cinemas. Like in this movie. Sabrina is a real exhibitionist wife and a swinger that loves to be slutted out around town by her husband. Dirty D takes this slut to a seedy adult bookstore porn theater. Once this exhibitionist wife is in the theater she strips naked and and starts sucking Dirty D’s cock. It is not take long for all the perverts in the dark watching porn and wanking, join in the public orgy free for all, grabbing her cunt and tits and licking this slutty amateur wife’s cunt and tits. Dirty D fucks this wife in the ass then has her suck his cock for an ass to mouth shot. To finish off her theater visit this dirty swinger gets on her knees sucking and stroking off all the old perverts in the cinema and ends up with a face full of cum. Like all the exclusive movie from this great American dogging site the results are wild spontaneous gang bangs with strangers that keep cumming back for more! See these sluts get covered with cum from perverts lurking in the dark porn theater.


Theatre slut wife Sammi gets gang fucked in a porn theatre while her cuckolded husband watched

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Sammie is a real amateur and a real wife and a filthy a cuckold slut wife. This swinging couple love to go to American dogging spots and fuck strangers. But Her husband Jim really loves to take her to sex cinemas and serve her up to all of the dirty perverts, all who are strangers, in the seedy porn theater. These porn theaters are really seedy if you have never been to one, they are quite an experience. Loads of guys sitting and wanking to porn. If you do get a dogging couple in. These dirty perverts don’t know whats hit them. Jim loves watching men fuck his wife and come over her and he wants the world to watch as his wife becomes a total theater slut. So Jim calls Dirty D so he can come and film the dogging action. By the time Dirty D arrived, this filthy bitch has already started. This dirty bitch Sammie is on the couch surrounded by guys wanking their cocks ready and waiting to give this dirty wife their warm jizz. Dirty D gets on this wife banging her shaved cunt while she sucks the cum from strangers cocks. D gives this slut wife a messy cream pie for her husband to lick clean when he gets home. After of course Sammie has pleased all of the perverts in the theater with her mouth and cunt.


Sexy Latina slut Being Used by a load of Strangers in a porno cinema

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Mya is a sexy Latina slut that has been fucked many times before by the old pervert, Dirty D. But this is her first time getting fucked by a load of doggers and perverts at a sex cinema. In fact the only place she has not been fucked at before is the dark seedy porn cinema. Mya and Dirty D enters the sleazy pervert filled theater and they grab the first open seat they see. It isn’t long before all the strangers and perverts in the cinema gather around. You see, doggers (men who like to watch slutty women getting fucked in public by strangers) know that if a women turns up to a sex cinema, that she has only come for one thing. To get fucked by complete strangers. The perverts stroke their cocks as Mya sucks Dirty D’s cock. Mya turns around to fuck Dirty D while she sucks a strangers cock. But it isn’t that long before this slut sucks every guy in the cinema. Because Dirty D puts Mya on her knees and she is surrounded by strangers cocks, often dripping in pre cum. This slut Mya, continues sucking and wanking all the strangers cocks. After the dirty old cunt, Dirty D, has finished with the whore, he passes her around all the strangers and they all unload over her face and in her mouth.


Perverts and strangers fucking this cute Teen exhibitionist in a Sleazy Porn Theater

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

I have been to a lot of sex cinemas and sometimes seen women there. Taking women to sex cinemas in England is a lot more common than in America. Sex cinema’s are all apart of the dogging scene in England. But you don’t often get them in the American sex cinema’s, the swinging scene in the states is different. But even in England you don’t often get teenage sluts who love to strip of in front of a bunch of strangers and fuck them all. Nikki is a nineteen year old amateur teen who Dirty D thinks needs corrupting. Exhibitionist Nikki enters the dark sleazy porn cinema with the old pervert, Dirty D, and he guides her past all of the horny strangers to a large bench seat in the front row. As you can imagine these guys are very shocked. But also very horny and want to get their hands on this slut. This old pervert begins to strip off this teen sluts clothes and guys gather around them, like they always do in these seedy joints. Nikki starts to suck off this dirty old ,Dirty D’s, cock, while he spreads her bald cunt showing the crowd. One stranger starts to lick Nikki’s tight teen cunt. I expect he hasn’t had a teen stranger like this before. Hands dive in to feel her tight teen pussy from all the strangers in the cinema. Dirty D is a filthy fucking pervert and starts to let random guys in the crowd take turns fucking her tight bald pussy. This cock hungry exhibitionist teen wanks and sucks loads of strangers cocks while she is being fucked. Nikki gets the first load of jizz in her mouth and swallows it all. This dirty young bitch keeps going until she swallows every guys hot cum.


This women is a real theater slut and she has the tattoo to prove it

Friday, July 18th, 2014

This slut is what dogging is all about. Real filthy fucking whores getting fucked by as many strangers as possible. Celeste is a sexy little blonde amateur that loves cock and also loves her tattoos. Dirty D takes Celeste to the tattoo shop to get theater sluts tattoo’s right above her pussy for all to see, a lot of guys will see this, because Celeste is such a fucking whore. After getting the tattoo they head of to a seedy porn cinema. Dirty D strips this tatoo’d slut naked so everyone can see her tattoo and the perverts in the cinema quickly begin to gather around them The crowd get to play with this exhibitionist sluts tits and cunt as she sucks off Dirty D. Then this filthy bitch starts rides Dirty D’s cock, while she sucks and wanks a line of complete strangers cocks. The strangers in the cinema take turns fucking this bitches bald tattoo’d cunt shooting their hot cum in her mouth and all over her face. This fucking whore Celeste is not happy until she sucks off every last stranger and by the end of the movie her face and mouth is covered in cum from all the seedy perverts.

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